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Museums & Other Transferware Displays United States O-Z

Museums and Places of Interest With Displays and Collections of Transfer Printed Pottery

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Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo (800) 644-6862 (419) 255-8000
Collection includes numerous transferware examples donated by Mrs. Harold Duckworth in the early 1970s. Twenty pieces were exhibited in 2005.  Exhibits rotated regularly, so telephone for information.


Historical Society of Berks County, Reading (610) 375-4375
The Historical Society of Berks County has a number of transferware pieces in its collection (approximately 100 pieces on display as of 2006), including a number of views of the Philadelphia area.  Also, among others, Gaudy Dutch, Leeds, Salopian, lustre and spatterware.  Page 12 of the TCC Autumn 2006 Bulletin provides further descriptions.

Lafayette College, Easton
(610) 330-5000
Based on the Lafayette Collection web site, holdings include 16 boxes containing 50 pieces of historical ceramic tableware related to Lafayette, organized as two major groupings, Staffordshire (the majority of the holdings) and Miscellaneous Pottery.  Various forms are represented. Collection apparently not on display. Link to website not currently available.

Lemon Hill, Philadelphia
Image removed.The Neoclassical Lemon Hill Mansion, constructed in 1770, is located in Fairmont Park overlooking the Schuylkill River.  The collections include a number of pieces of transferware along with additional period pieces in room settings (see 2006 Meeting discussion on the TCC web site for additional information.  The transferware includes views of a number of historic Philadelphia sites and buildings.

Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia (215) 763-8100
The museum exhibits little or no transferware, although it exhibits a number of early American manufactured pottery, including Bonnin and Morris and Tucker porcelain, but houses an extensive (500 to 600 pieces) transferware reserve collection, possibly available for viewing or study by prior arrangement.  The museum is adjacent to the famous Water Works on the Schuylkill River, which are the subject of several Historical Transferware pieces.  We viewed this collection during our 2006 meeting (see 2006 Meeting discussion on the TCC web site for details and photos of the reserve collection).

Independence National Historic Park, Philadelphia
Independence Living History Center Archeology Lab
(215) 861-4956
Thousands of ceramic shards were excavated from much of a Philadelphia city block. Numerous transferware shards, as well as mochaware, yellowware, pearlware and creamware, dating from 1800 to 1840.  Many excavated from one 22 foot deep privy associated with a tenement house.  Transferware includes many British rural themes, as well as various American historical patterns such as “Table Rock, Niagara”, City Hall-New York”, “and Battle Monument, Baltimore”.  Also, some “Dr. Syntax” and an Adams “Caledonia”.  Contact the Living History Lab to ascertain current status of the collection and exhibit.  Photos and article by Judie Siddall and David Hoexter in the Summer/Fall 2007 TCC Bulletin.











Bend Collection and Gardens, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (713) 639-7750
Noted collection of American decorative arts assembled by Miss Ima Hogg in an early 20th century mansion.  Collection reportedly one of the largest assemblages of transferware printed in colors other than blue. Large number of Texian Campaigne series, with much of one room devoted to the series.  Extensive gardens surround the mansion.


The Old Tavern, Grafton
(800) 843-1801 / (802) 843-2231
Fully restored 46 room inn, established 1801.  Furnishings include many period pieces including early 19th century transferware, Staffordshire figures, and prints.  One of the most peaceful places on earth.  Included on this list because the inn and much of the village of Grafton are owned by a non-profit organization, the Windham Foundation, which is dedicated to their preservation.





The Old Tavern (historical photo).

Shelburne Museum, Shelburne (802) 985-3346
Located in Vermont's scenic Lake Champlain Valley, Shelburne Museum is one of the nation's most diverse and unconventional museums of art and Americana. Over 150,000 works are exhibited in a remarkable setting of 39 exhibition buildings, 25 of which are historic and were relocated to the Museum grounds.  Transferware is dispersed throughout the site.  Of note is a collection of McDonough’s Victory.


DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum, Williamsburg (757) 229-1000

Specifics of collection pending.


Fort Vancouver National Historic Reserve, Vancouver (360) 816-6230 (business hours) (360) 816-6200 (recorded)
Fort Vancouver was established by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1825 as its principal trading site on the West Coast.  Extensive archaeological investigations have been conducted.  The National Historic Site curates the world’s largest archaeological collection of Spode ceramics (as stated on its web site).  Contact the facility for information on its holdings.

Seattle Art Museum (206) 625-8900
SAM recently opened a new room dedicated to the Isaacson Collection of British, Asian and European porcelain, including transferware.  Over 1000 items are reportedly contained in the collection.


Smithsonian Institution (202) 633-1000
The Division of Social History, Ceramics & Glass Collection is responsible for the Smithsonian's collections of ceramics made, used, and marketed in America from about 1600 to the present.  The noted Ellouise Baker Larsen Historical Staffordshire Collection is currently in storage, and not available to the public at this time.


Chipstone Foundation, Fax Point/Milwaukee (414) 352-0073
Collection emphasizes early American furniture and historical prints and seventeenth and eighteenth century British pottery.  Primarily as an extraordinary digital library, created in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin.  Unclear extent of collections open to public.

Museum List: England India United States Wales About this List Credits PDF Version