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from 1760 to 1900

TCC welcomes everyone who shares our love for the beauty and technical proficiency of British transferware including Blue and White, Staffordshire Pottery, Pearlware, Romantic and more... Join us and receive access to our benefits!

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2020 Grant Recipients
2020 Grant Recipients

Richard Halliday, UK
Study Title:  The Art of the Engraver:  in-depth process of documentation detailing hand-engraved copper plates

Matthew Keagle, USA
Study Title:  Trash to Treasures:  Cataloging Transferware in the Pavilion Collection

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Transferware Worldwide - Lecture Series

Announcing a New Online Transferware Experience. Transferware Worldwide is a monthly program of online lectures. Experts in the field of ceramics will present scholarly talks on transferware topics to include, history, process, makers, patterns, marketing and distribution, as well as special collections. The lectures, designed to have broad appeal to ceramic enthusiasts worldwide, will be conveniently accessible online via the Zoom format. Read more...

Photo of the Month
“Cowman” and Friends at Junagarh Fort, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

Part of an interior wall within Junagarh Fort, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. What are these transfer-printed drainers (and many more) doing in relatively remote Bikaner? A research article on the 110 transfer printed, three Chinese Export (also shown in this photo), and two creamware patterns affixed to the walls of four locations within the fort is nearing completion. 

Tile of the Month
Purple Feathers

This is a 6 inch tile with maker unknown. The back of the tile has the raised letters ENGLAND on a grid telling us only that it was produced 1891 or after. This is a very bold pattern in theme and color. No reference has been found; therefore, it has a TCC Assigned Name. It is pattern #19427 in the database.

Pattern of the Month
The Cowman

Shown is an 8.5 inch soup plate in the series known as “The Cowman.” The maker is unknown, but the pattern appears to have been made around 1820. 

Spode mold

Under the direction of Professor Neil Brownsword, Staffordshire University and in cooperation with the Spode Museum Trust, the ceramic molds stored in four rooms located at the historic Spode factory site were digitized and are now available online for you to enjoy.

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