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from 1760 to 1900

TCC welcomes everyone who shares our love for the beauty and technical proficiency of British transferware including Blue and White, Staffordshire Pottery, Pearlware, Romantic and more... Join us and receive access to our benefits!

The Transferware Collectors Club Chooses Philadelphia for Its New Spring Annual Meeting, April 26-28, 2024

Philadelphia and the Transferware Connection: 100 years of British Transferware History and Style


We are excited to announce the TCC’s return to in-person meetings with the launch of our new spring Annual Meeting in historic Philadelphia, April 26–28, 2024! The meeting will be held in Philadelphia (hotel to be announced shortly) and it will include a day visit to the Winterthur Museum and Gardens on Saturday, April 27th. The lectures and activities planned for this meeting will highlight Philadelphia’s rich history related to both the decorative use and utilitarian consumption of British transfer-printed wares, patterns, sources, and stylistic trends. The meeting will also include the always popular Transferware Raffle and the Transferware Dealer Sale.

Link to Learn More About the Program and Speakers

Registration for the meeting is scheduled for February 15th and will contain registration and hotel room costs.

News & Features

Puzzle of the Month
Parkes Collection Puzzle

This month's puzzle shows one of the many cabinets filled with transferware in the lovely home of Colin and Patricia Parkes in the UK. The photo was taken during a visit to view the Parkes Collection during the 2015 TCC Annual Meeting in England. Assembled over decades, the vast collection includes pieces in virtually every stylistic category of transferware.

Research Grants
Research Grant

The Transferware Collectors Club, a US-based international non-profit organization dedicated to the study of British transfer-printed ceramics, is pleased to welcome applications for the 2024 Transferware Collectors Club Research Grant Program for the study of British Transferware. Download application. Learn more and view past recipients.

Pattern of the Month
The EyeDeal Hare Restorer

Shown on a 1.7 inches high pot, from an unknown maker. The pattern surrounding the pot is a rebus: a combination of words and pictures. Click on the heading of this entry to view the additional images on the pot and a complete explanation.

Photo of the Month
A Blue Transferware Sampler

Just a very small fraction of the spectacular transferware collection assembled by Colin and Patricia Parkes, our hosts for an afternoon during our 2015 England tour. Most if not all of the patterns shown here are in the TCC Database of Patterns and Sources, as Colin was an avid DB editor. We are saddened by Colin’s recent death.

Feature Video
Supplying the Present Wants of Our Yankee Cousins

Title: Supplying the Present Wants of Our Yankee Cousins

Lecturer: Dr. Neil Ewins, Senior Lecturer in Design History, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, England. Description: In 1997, the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery of Hanley published my Supplying the Present Wants of Our Yankee Cousins: Staffordshire Ceramics and the American market 1775-1880.

Feature Grant Recipient
Earthenware of H & R Daniel 1822 - 1854

2014 Paul and Gladys Richards Foundation Research Grant Program Recipient. 

John Simpson, West Sussex, England, UK
Study Title: Earthenware of H & R Daniel 1822 - 1854 Link to book.

All grant applications must be received by May 4 of the year the request is made. Learn more.

Dishy News

Judie says, "What is a sturgeon? It is a fish that is known for its roe or eggs that we call caviar (this caviar link is really interesting). The pot above was designed to hold caviar for W.G. White, London, around 1900 (the company is still in business)." Read more on her blog.

New Book
Historical Guide to Advertising Pot Lids, Update Including a Guide to Beauty Pots

This recent publication is more an extensive supplement, than an update, providing over 480 new advertising examples and a new section on beauty pots to supplement the 8,000 plus images and detailed backgrounds of over 600 companies which were featured in the original publication.

Recorder News
Recorder News 45

We have several jugs in this issue, but have tried to balance them out with three platters, one with a new source print, an unusual shape, and an early example of multicolour printing. Read more.

Minton's Folio Friday
Minton's Folio Friday

Folio Friday is an opportunity for ceramic enthusiasts to view some of the amazing artwork found within The Minton Archive’s folios. On the first Friday of every month their archive team selects a special piece of artwork from the Minton company catalogue’s Art & Design section and highlights it on this blog. Click and Enjoy!

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