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Museums & Other Transferware Displays

Museums and Places of Interest With Displays and Collections of Transfer Printed Pottery

Museum List:
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About this List

PhotoThis list is intended for use of transfer printed pottery (“transferware”) collectors and researchers who are:

  • Planning a trip and hope to view collections or related exhibits of transferware.
  • Searching on-line for information on transferware.
  • Locating collections available by prior appointment for viewing and/or research.

It is a service provided to members of the Transferware Collectors Club (TCC) and other interested transferware collectors.  It is directed towards collections and exhibits of transferware and its manufacture.  Although we have not sought it out, information on archives and research material is also included wherever appropriate.

Transferware can be viewed in many settings.  One is not limited to museums.  We have included information on stately homes, palaces, parks, mills, factories and other locations, as well as museums.

Photo2Not all locations have been vetted.  In an attempt to be as complete as possible, we have included some locations which house extensive British, Welsh or Scottish pottery collections which may only include minimal transferware examples.  These locations are specified in the brief discussion following each individual listing.  Some locations with extensive collections of related pottery (e.g. Gaudy Welsh, Gaudy Dutch, Lustre, Ironstone, Staffordshire figures, etc) are included, recognizing that many transferware collectors have parallel interests.

Two resources provide additional information on various other types of ceramics.  An extensive list of various types of ceramics collections, including transferware but primarily other types of pottery, has been prepared by the San Francisco Ceramic Circle: “Museums With Major Collections of Ceramics Recommended by SFCC Members”.  The White Ironstone China Association (WICA) “Collectors Guide to Ironstone China in Museums, Historic Sites and Bed & Breakfasts” lists numerous locations displaying white ironstone (and sometimes, transferware).

The SFCC list is available at:

The WICA list is available at:

A note of caution.  Collections and exhibits are constantly changing.  The telephone numbers are primarily culled from web sites, and may change.  Museums and other attractions open and close for renovations or for other purposes, and modify their hours of operation, sometimes without advance warning.  Furthermore, we have developed this list based on our review of web sites, our personal experience, and on information provided by our members, and have not been able to verify all entries.  We have therefore provided general information and where feasible a web site and telephone number (these change too) for the reader to conduct further research and to confirm the exhibits prior to traveling to a particular destination. 

If you are viewing this document directly from the TCC web site, or in PDF format, you should be able to directly access most hyperlinks.  However, it may be necessary to “cut and paste” the link into your web browser.  Telephone numbers are listed as they would be dialed in the stated country.  Thus, to call England from the United States, first dial the international access code (011); the country code (44); and then dial the rest of the number (ignore the 0 at the start of the number).  Example: 

Telephone from within England to National Museums Liverpool is 0151 207 0001;
Telephone from US to National Museums Liverpool is 011 44 151 207 0001.

We are constantly updating this list.  It will only improve with your help.  Please contact us through the TCC web site with corrections and additions, or directly to David Hoexter at:

One last thing:  the Transferware Collectors Club sponsors an extensive database of transferware patterns.  The database includes an excellent search function. The number of patterns is approaching 7000, fully documented as of January 2011. More are added at a rate of about 100 per month.  TCC members access the database for free; non-members are encouraged to join the TCC

About the TCC

The Transferware Collectors Club is a forum for sharing information and interests between collectors, dealers, scholars, and those who simply appreciate the beauty and technical proficiency of British transferware.  We focus on wares produced from 1760 - 1900 and welcome collectors of all kinds of colors and motifs during that period.

Museum List:

England India United States Wales About this List Credits PDF Version