glasbury pottery - bottle ovens

Single-Chambered Muffle Kiln

The enamel single-chambered muffle kiln at Gladstone Pottery Museum

Images and text provided by Terry Woolliscroft October 2019.

No two bottle ovens or kilns were the same. Many, almost all of them, were built without architects drawings or plans. They were built 'by eye' based on the experience of the builder and the verbal requirements of the factory owner. Bottle oven builders were known to build an oven from scratch in 6 weeks. The terms, bottle oven and bottle kiln, are often used interchangeably but this can sometimes get confusing. To most of us they mean the same thing - a complex brick-built, bottle-shaped structure for the firing of pottery or associated materials. But there is a technical difference between the two. 

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Muffle Kiln Muffle Kiln

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