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Extraordinary British Transferware 1780-1840

Extraordinary British Transferware 1780-1840
Halliday, R. and R.

This 320-page hard back book brings to the attention of the collecting public nearly 300 transferware items from 1780–1840, including examples of dinner ware, toilet and medical ware, and pieces for food preparation and storage. The exceptional pieces cataloged are uncommon in pattern, shape, use, or other factors; interesting in terms of history of its use; and/or thought provoking because its use is a mystery. Each of these very unusual, rare, and extraordinary items are presented here on its own page with multiple images showing every aspect of the piece, including source prints if available. In addition, each piece is accompanied by a full description, including the historical context of these wares and how people lived in Georgian and early Victorian times, as well as details on the maker, size, date of manufacture, and marks. With more than 1200 images, this book of pottery objects for every conceivable use will appeal to collectors, historians, auctioneers and dealers alike.The book is now available from Amazon.

A Review by Judie Siddall
"Extraordinary British Transferware: 1780-1840 illustrates more than 300 unusual patterns and shapes that delight the eye and the brain of both the casual and informed collector of transfer-printed pottery. Richard and Rosemary Halliday, transferware collectors, researchers, and dealers, have photographed beautifully and written in luscious detail about each piece of pottery. The photography is excellent and the writing even possibly better. The book proves to be more than a picture book. It focuses on the unusual, but is really a smorgasbord of transferware. And, like a smorgasbord, there is a taste for everyone." Read the entire review.