arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

Women of Spode and the Indian Tree Pattern

Our primary image depicts a sampling of the women who have worked at Spode Works over the years.  Note the image at the upper left, which depicts a painter at work, perhaps in the 1940s (????).  Now focus on the plate, which is Spode’s “Indian Tree” pattern.  According to the TCC Database of Patterns and Sources, this pattern was produced from 1877 through at least 1957.  Finally, we draw your attention to the second and third photos, which date from November 2021.  This Indian Tree dinner service (only a small portion is shown) was the 1947 wedding set of Mary and Henry Hoexter, in San Francisco, California, and is still in use (although not on a daily basis) and loved to this day.  Thanks to the Spode Museum Trust Heritage Center Facebook page and Judie Siddall / David Hoexter for the images.

Women of Spode and the Indian Tree PatternIndian Tree dinner serviceIndian Tree dinner service