arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

Hector Dragged Behind Achilles’ Chariot (Hector Dragged by Achilles’ Cart)

Thanks to Rob Hunter’s FB site for this ca. 1765-70 transferware  (bat printed?) sepia creamware plate in the Chipstone collection, with an image of Hector being dragged around the walls of Troy behind Achilles’ cart as described in Homer’s Iliad.  Thanks to Google Images and the website Alamy for this 1719 public domain image of a print by Bernard Picart, the probable source print, although Chipstone references an engraving by T. Rothwell from a 1711 translation of the Iliad.  Whatever the source, the plate is spectacular! Click on image for larger version.

print by Bernard Picart

sepia creamware plate in the Chipstone collection