arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

November Feature Articles

image from DBD #20Database Discoveries #20 Ways to Fit the Transfer Pattern Onto the Ware, by Connie Rogers
Imagine the dilemma the transferer faces when the engraving at hand is not large enough to cover the entire center of the platter being decorated. Perhaps the managers of the pottery did not think it was worth the expense of cutting a larger engraving because the platter was larger than ordinarily used in the standard dinner set. There were several ways this could be remedied. Read the article.

image from DBD #6Database Discoveries #6 What’s in a Word: Vocabulary Discoveries from Transfer-Printed Advertising Ware, by David Hoexter
It's amazing what one can learn from transferware and the examples included in our Database. English 19th century advertising product containers and other ware contain a wealth of vocabulary or word usage which I have never heard before. Often related to medicinal products, these words offer the 21st century observer a chance to impress friends, business associates, doctors (not surprisingly, many of the words are medical in origin), and others in our everyday life. Read the article.