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New Books
The Transferware Recorder Number 5 & 6

Dick Henrywood is delighted to announce Reynardine Publishing's release of Volumes Five and Six of The Transferware Recorder. Volume Five is a completely new subject covering views of continental Europe, including such iconic and collectable series as Enoch Wood’s French and “Italian Scenery” series, the Byron Views series by Copeland & Garrett, the “Italian” series by William Ridgway, and the “Ancient Greece” series by Ralph Stevenson. Volume Six returns to look at further British views but extending to some series which contain other views of Europe, the USA, and even one from India. Full details and purchase information can be found on the website

TCC Database News
Enoch Wood and Son Viewing the Wood Pottery

The TCC is pleased to announce that it’s Database of Patterns & Sources now contains over 18,000 patterns, an increase of 1,000 since August of 2021. The 18 thousandth recorded pattern is, rather fittingly, Enoch Wood and Son Viewing the Wood Pottery. The TCC would like to thank its volunteers and members, without whom this milestone would not have been possible. Access to the database.

Auction Watch
Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates

June 16, 2023

Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates will present part one of the Staffordshire transferware collection of D.J. (Jan) Baker, Garrison, NY on June 16 at our gallery in Mt. Crawford, VA. Part one comprises over 125 pieces of American and related historical views. The collection includes  pieces showing each pattern in the Arms of the States series, including platters for Delaware, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. The full, detailed online catalogue will be posted by approximately June 2.

Minton's Folio Friday
Minton's Folio Friday

Folio Friday is an opportunity for ceramic enthusiasts to view some of the amazing artwork found within The Minton Archive’s folios. On the first Friday of every month their archive team selects a special piece of artwork from the Minton company catalogue’s Art & Design section and highlights it on this blog. Click and Enjoy!

Puzzle of the Month
“Florals for Spring… Groundbreaking.” – Miranda Priestly.

This lovely printed and painted floral design was identified as “993” by John & William Ridgway. The pottery was in business from 1813 to1830 in Shelton, Hanley, Staffordshire, England.

Pattern of the Month
May tile

Shown is the “May" tile from the popular Months series made by Josiah Wedgwood in the 1870s. For members, this is pattern #17411in the database.

Photo of the Month
Unidentified Pattern #01

We often receive requests on the TCC website Message Board for assistance in identifying patterns. We generally can successfully provide the pattern name and related information. But occasionally a request stumps us. Following is the first in what no doubt will be a series of requests for members’ help. 

Feature Articles
May Feature Articles

American Historical Transferware Treasures at the Smithsonian, by Peggy Sutor, et al

Antislavery Ceramics, Digital Antiques Journal in Additional Articles and Publications

Feature Video
Floral Prints as Sources for Patterns on Porcelain and Transferware; the Botanical and Gardening Obsession

Lecturer: Patricia (Pat) Knight

In her talk she discusses the role of botany in the 18th century, the research at botanical centers and the popular interest in horticulture that led to books illustrated with botanical prints by Georg Ehret and to the Botanical Magazine published by William Curtis. As a result there was a profusion of botanical decoration on porcelain in the late 18th century. Watch video.

Feature Grant Recipient
The Spode Blue Room: An Introduction

Michael Escolme, UK
Study Title: The Spode Blue Room: An Introduction
Study Abstract: To write a printed pocket-sized paperback and extended hardback guide to the Spode Blue Room collection. (Download PDF for members)

Lecture Series
19th Century English and Low Country Vessels Created by Makers Josiah Wedgwood, Enoch Wood, and Enslaved David Drake

The recent Worldwide Lecture Series by lecturer: Scott Alves Barton is now available to view for members. Members login to view. 

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