arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

Flowers and Fans

Flowers and FansFlowers and Fans set of 9Flowers and Fans set of 9Tile 6 x 6 inches, aesthetic blue-printed pattern in 4 sections. Maker is Maw & Co. 1852-1969, Broseley, Jackfield, Shropshire. It has a TCC Assigned Name as there is no pattern name in the mark. See pattern #18267 in the database for more information. 

This is a pattern of alternating stylized flowers and fans. The flowers, each slightly different are on a light background. The two fans, on a dark background, have a differing number of small white flowers. The group of 9 arrangement has each tile placed next to each other as the single tile is placed. The result shows diagonal rows of flowers or fans moving both left to right from the top and right to left. 

The cut-up arrangement has a different focus putting 4 tiles with like background color together alternating like a tic-tac-toe board set up. The fan group is arranged differently in the middle spot for a looser effect.