arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

Aesthetic Flowers And Scrolls

Aesthetic Flowers And Scrolls tileAesthetic Flowers And Scrolls 9 tilesAesthetic Flowers And Scrolls diagonal tiles

Tile, 6 x 6 inches. The back of the tile has the impressed Mintons China Works marks, and the printed pattern “No 2227”.  It has a descriptive TCC Assigned Name for ease in searching. See pattern #19218 in the database for more information.

The center pattern features an 8-petalled flower having 3 lines in each petal. Quarter flowers in the four corners repeat that design. A section with yellow background and scrolls as well as four additional blue-tinted flowers completes the center design. The border has elaborate circular scrolling in addition to the partial flowers.  The circular scrolling is dominant in the secondary pattern in grouping the tiles for a wall display. See the group of 9 tiles straight on as well as the larger diagonal grouping to see the interesting results.