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Posting Images to the Message Board

Free site to upload your images
If you wish to post an image of an item for members to view, please first try to upload the image to a free image posting site such as or Images should be no larger than 1000pixels x 1000pixels x 72dpi. Reduce your images before uploading to Google Photo or Flickr. (An example of a site to reduce images is: After you have uploaded the image to one of these sites, you can then copy and paste its URL link into the "Message" area of your message board posting. 

  1. Just below the Message area of your posting, click on the image icon.
  2. A space for the URL will show up below the Message box, paste your URL.
  3. Add the security number.
  4. Click Preview to see your image.
  5. Click Post to post the image.

If you have trouble posting to these free sites
If you are unable to post from another site, you may send the image to our webmaster for posting. She will normally post these images within a few days.

  1. Be sure to add your message to the Message Board first and add to your message: "I have given my image to the webmaster and she normally posts by end of day Thursday." 
  2. The image must be in JPG format. Limit of two images for each posting. 
  3. In your e-mail to the webmaster, indicate the date, time and general subject of the message with your image transmittal. 
  4. Please also let us know why you weren't successful uploading the image to one of the free sites. (We will use your information to develop better instructions for users of the message board.) 
  5. E-mail to:
  6. If your images are too large or they are the wrong format you can use the free site: to send her your images.