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"Lace Border" series (Ralph Stevenson

Henrywood's Highlights
Transferware from a British Perspective

Number Twelve of an Ongoing Series by Dick Henrywood

The object of this series of articles is to record and hopefully expand our knowledge of transferware patterns, and previous pieces have produced quite variable rates of response, the last attempt drawing almost a complete blank, so let’s see if we can do any better this time.

For this outing I have chosen to feature an uncommon and rather mixed series of views which cover Britain, America and India:

"Lace Border" series

A series of views by Ralph Stevenson of Cobridge which includes English, American and Indian scenes, all of which are listed below for completeness. The central views appear within a border of flower groups on a lace-like ground. The printed mark is in the form of a circular or oval frame containing the title of the individual scene and the series title, both in script, together with the maker’s initials RS. The series was produced mainly on dinner wares although one British view appears on a wine cooler and some American views are found on teawares and toilet items. Examples are known in black, blue, brown, purple and red.

There is some confusion in existing literature between this series, the “Royal Sketches” series, and the “British Palaces” series, all of which feature similar views within floral borders. The “British Palaces” and “Lace Border” series borders are particularly confusing although the inner and outer stringing are both different and some fern-like motifs which radiate from the inner stringing in Stevenson’s border are omitted from the “British Palaces” version.

Recorded views are:

“Eaton Hall”
            Platter 19.3in
            Platter 18in *
            Platter 17in *
            Wine cooler
Illustrations: Neale 2/52 (wine cooler); Williams 1/76 (platter and mark) and 3/359 (platter and mark)

“Erie Canal at Buffalo”
            Plates (various sizes)
            Soup plates (various sizes)
Illustrations: Arman S/386 (plate); Laidacker 1/43 (plate); Williams 1/74 (plate and mark) and 3/359 (detail from plate and mark); Williams & Weber 1/206 (plate); Williams & Weber 3/73 (plate and mark)

“Kenilworth” *
            Plate 10in *

“New Orleans”
            Plate 8.1in
            Cup plate
            Coffee pot
            Sugar bowl *
            Creamer *
            Cup and saucer *
Illustrations: Arman 387a and 387b (plate and teapot); Snyder 2/89 (plate and mark); Williams 1/75 (plate and mark); Williams & Weber 3/92 (cup plate, coffee pot, impressed mark)

“Riceborough, Georgia” *
Illustrations: Arman 388 (washbowl)

“Shipping Port on the Ohio, Kentucky” *
            Wash jug *

“View on the Ganges”
            Deep dish 10.8in

“Virginia Water”
            Plate 7.3in
Illustrations: Arman page 143 (mark)

“Windsor Castle”
            Plate 10.4in
            Plate 8.5in *
Illustrations: Neale 2/47 (plate); Williams 3/359 (plate and mark)
The same view can be seen in both the “British Palaces” and “Royal Sketches” series.

As is usual in these lists an asterisk indicates a title or item that is unconfirmed. I am able to offer illustrations of five different scenes here and must record thanks to Margie Williams, Judie Siddall and Sheila Conlee. A few of the above views feature in the TCC database but there must be other platters, tureens, probably a drainer or two, and possibly other wares.  Can anyone help in eliminating some of the asterisks or add any more items or titles.  Any contributions should be sent to, with images particularly welcome. I would also be very keen to hear of similar items in the “British Palaces” or “Royal Sketches” series.


  Typical printed title mark

“Eaton Hall” platter in pink


“Erie Canal at Buffalo” plate in pink


“View on the Ganges” deep dish in brown


“Virginia Water” plate in purple


“Windsor Castle” plate in black


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