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"Hibernia" series (John Wedg Wood)

Henrywood's Highlights
Transferware from a British Perspective

Number Ten of an Ongoing Series by Dick Henrywood

As most of you will know the object of this series of articles is to record and hopefully expand our knowledge of transferware patterns, so to further this objective I have chosen this time to look at not one but two different series about which very little appears in existing literature.

The first of the, the “Chief Brigand” series, by an unknown maker, is proving quite elusive both in terms of the number of scenes recorded and a lack of available images.  The second, the “Hibernia” series by John Wedg Wood, is equally deficient in both aspects, although in this case a little is known about the source of the scenes.

“Chief Brigand” series

An uncommon series of scenes by an unknown maker, possibly Scottish, the subject of which has not been identified although they may well be from a novel. The printed mark is in the form of an oval plaque or shield bearing the series title “CHIEF / BRIGAND” together with an individual single-word title, attached to a belt and all superimposed on a rifle, spear, swords and foliage. The scenes are printed within a border of floral sprays on a satin-like ground with a broad band of inner stringing. The series has been noted on dinner wares and a jug, printed in blue or brown, although the latter might also have a greenish tinge.

No source for the series has yet been identified.

Recorded scenes are:

            Platter 17.25in
Illustrations: Connell 114 (platter); FOB104 (platter)

“Capture” *
            Item not known

            Well-and-tree platter 18.5in
Illustrations: Connell 114 (jug); FOB96 (well-and-tree platter); Williams & Weber 3/133-4 (mark and well-and-tree platter)

“Escape” *
            Item not known

“Pursuit” *
            Plate (size not known)

“Repast” *
            Item not known

It can be seen that current information extends to only six scenes and of those four titles are unconfirmed (marked with an asterisk as usual). The list of items is sparse, to say the least, with only one plate, two platters and a jug.  Where are all the other plates and platters, the tureens, and other components of a dinner service?  They must be out there somewhere.

I can illustrate only the mark and one platter, so please, if you can add anything at all, please get in touch (contact details at the end of this article).

“Hibernia” series

An uncommon series of untitled views of Ireland by John Wedg Wood of Tunstall. The central scenes are printed within a very wide border featuring a garland of hops on a geometric ground with inner and outer bands of foliate scrolls. The printed mark is in the form of a globe surmounted by a sailing ship with the series title “HIBERNIA” to the left and the maker’s name “J WEDG.WOOD” (note the period between Wedg and Wood) to the right. The same basic mark was used for another pattern titled “Trafalgar” and an example of this “Hibernia” series has been noted with the wrong mark. This series is known only on dinner wares, printed in blue or with blue centres and either red or purple borders. Other colours or combinations may well exist.

The source for the views has been identified as Hall’s Ireland: its Scenery, Character, &c. (1841-43).

The border was also used with a central portrait of the young Queen Victoria (see, for example, a bowl illustrated in May, Victoria Remembered, plate 31). The border with no central scene is also known on a cup plate (see Williams & Weber 2/200).

Recorded views are:

Arklow, County Wicklow (not titled)
            Platter (size not known)

Enniskerry, County Wicklow (not titled)
            Plate 8.3in (21cm)

The Quay at Waterford (not titled)
            Platter 15.75in (40cm)
            Platter 13.2in (33.5cm)

The Four Courts, Dublin (not titled)
            Plate (size not known)
Illustrations: Williams & Weber 2/199-200 (plate and mark)

Unidentified Scene A
            Platter 21in (53cm)
This item is recorded here for completeness since it is listed but not illustrated by Laidacker.

In this case current records extend to only five scenes, and one of these is unidentified. Again the list of items is sparse, only two plates and four platters, and other items must exist. At least I can illustrate two different platters and a plate but news of any other items would be particularly welcome.

If you can add information about either series or contribute images, please take the time to get in touch. Responses should be sent to Dick Henrywood, via email:


“Chief Brigand” series: Platter with scene “Aroused” (courtesy Michael Weinberg)

“Chief Brigand” series: Typical printed mark


“Hibernia” series: Printed mark


“Hibernia” series: Platter in blue with purple border showing view identified as Arklow (courtesy Len Kling)


“Hibernia” series: Platter in blue showing view identified as Waterford (courtesy eBay seller crashfb)


“Hibernia” series: Plate in blue (center) with red border showing view identified as Enniskerry (courtesy Judie Siddall)

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