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"British Cathedrals" series (Charles Meigh)

Henrywood's Highlights
Transferware from a British Perspective

Number Twenty-three of an Ongoing Series by Dick Henrywood

Those of you who have seen copies of the first volume of The Transferware Recorder will almost certainly be aware of my main interest in the field of transferware. British views have long been my passion, but in this series of articles I have deliberately shied away from them, partly to avoid boredom amongst the readership but more importantly to give an airing to other patterns which are not extensively covered in existing literature. In checking back I find I have only covered British views twice, so please bear with me if I indulge myself once again.

"British Cathedrals" series
A very unusual series of views, made by Charles Meigh, with few individual scenes currently recorded. They are rather vignette-like, small in size, and surrounded by white space within a border which features panels made up with ecclesiastical arches, beams and fretwork. The printed mark is of circular form and contains the series title “British / CATHEDRALS” followed by the name of the individual view in script letters and the maker’s initials CM. Some items also have an impressed “Improved / Stone China” seal mark. The few known pieces are all dinner wares, printed in blue or brown.

Recorded views are:

            Stand (for circular sauce tureen) 7.5in
Illustrations: FOB99 (sauce tureen stand, mark)

            Dinner Plate 10.5in

"Peterborough" *
            Stand (for soup tureen) 15in

"St. Pauls"
            Platter 19in
Illustrations: FOB39 (platter)

"Wells, South East"
            Platter 17in

Unidentified Scene A
            Soup plate 10in
This view is an exception in that it is not titled in the printed mark. It has not yet been identified.

* The title for the view of “Peterborough” has not been confirmed. The only illustrations of pieces from this series appear to be in earlier FOB Bulletins and only one of the views, “Norwich”, is listed in the TCC database. I am able to illustrate here the previously unrecorded view of “Wells, South East” together with its printed titles mark. With only two plates, two stands, and two platters listed above there must be other pieces out there. Where are the tureens for example? This is a great opportunity for readers to hunt out other views and/or pieces for us. As usual, any information would be very gratefully received and should be sent to Dick Henrywood via email at

(Click on images for a larger view.)

byron gallery mark Bryon Gallery plate
“Wells, South East” platter in brown. Typical printed titles mark with maker’s initials.


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