Kate Greenaway “Spring” Tile

Kate Greenaway “Spring” TileThe T. & R. Boote pottery of Burslem, Staffordshire, registered this tile design on April 19, 1881. It is one of a series of four seasons designed by Kate Greenaway for the potter. Greenaway (1846 –1901) was an English artist and writer, known for her children's book illustrations. Her depictions of children in imaginary 18th-century costumes in a Queen Anne style were extremely popular in England and internationally.

The tile’s border has a Japonesque flavor with the round mons alternating with small daisy-like flowers on a background of scrolls – a common Aesthetic Movement motif. In the same year this series was registered, T. & R. Boote registered other tile designs by Greenaway. They were a large producer of Aesthetic Movement patterns in transferware.

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