A Bouquet of Transferware Patterns and Flowers

A Bouquet of Transferware Patterns and FlowersThis month’s puzzle image contains a bouquet of transferware patterns representing a variety of themes that were popular in the 19th century and are popular among collectors today. This includes several American Historical views such as the Boston State House platter at the upper left and Arrival of Lafayette in New York platter at left lower center; Nautical themes are represented by the plate at center right and the steamboat at left on the same shelf, which is also an American Historical view; The Spode platter at upper right represents European scenery and city view themes, and the sugar bowl beside it represents botanical themes. In the fore of the shelf at center we see Child’s teapots and there are Child’s mugs on the shelf below. They represent another category. Finally, on the bottom shelf, we see a tureen and coffee pot with Pastoral British views, a theme with hundreds of patterns. All of these themes, and more, are included among the more than 17,000 patterns recorded in the TCC Database of Patterns and Sources.