Berard Collection Children’s Mugs

Berard Collection Children’s CupsLong-time transferware dealers Dennis and Ann Berard’s personal collection includes more than 500 transferware children’s mugs and other British pottery items from the period 1760 to 1840. This set of shelves in their New Hampshire home contains more than 100 of their mugs with an assortment of Don Carpentier reproduction mochaware pieces on the cabinet below.

Many potters produced cups and plates for children in the 19th century with a variety of design motifs including children’s names, months of birth, the alphabet, animals, birds, moral maxims, trains, ships, and many others. These delightful tokens of affection and instruction remain popular and highly collectible in the 21st century.

We enjoyed a video visit with Dennis in the shop during the TCC 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting and got a glimpse of more of their personal collection as well. TCC members can view the video anytime on the website here.