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Patterns of the Month


Each month we feature a new pattern from our Pattern and Source Print Database and archive them on these pages.

Members only: for more information about these patterns and to see other similar patterns, search the Pattern and Source Print Database.

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“Let Brotherly Love Continue”

“Let Brotherly Love Continue”This Masonic jug by an unknown maker shows two men wearing top hats and Masonic aprons. The crown they are holding shows a GR, which probably signifies that the jug was made around the time of the coronation of George IV in 1821. If you are a TCC member, this is pattern #5659 in the database.

Thanks to Judie Siddall for preparing the “Pattern of the Month."


"Moses in the Bulrushes”

This pattern is known as "Moses in the Bulrushes.” It is found on a 6.25 inch saucer by an unknown maker. For members only, this is pattern #6947 in the database.

Thanks to Judie Siddall for preparing the “Pattern of the Month."



Peruvian Hunters

Seen is a 15.5 inch platter in the “Peruvian Hunters” series made by Goodwin & Ellis(1839-1840). There are five patterns from this series in the database. Two are printed in brown, one in teal, one in purple, and one in blue.

Peruvian Hunters Plate Peruvian Hunters Mark


"Fisherman" by Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846). This 7" plate is from the 1835-1846 period. Although this plate is printed in underglaze brown and blue, the pattern is also found printed in combinations of red and black, blue and black and red and green, and probably more color combinations!  The factory also used different borders for this series, as well as different centers, a highly unusual occurrence. 

"Fisherman" Plate "Fisherman" Mark

"No 107"

Plate, 9 inches.  As there is no other name, the pattern is known by the number printed with the name of the factory,  Enoch Wood & Sons (1818-1846.)  Although the pattern looks oriental, it is actually a romanticized version of an oriental pattern, and thus is found in Romantic Themes/Oriental in the database. 

"No 107"  Plate "No 107"  Mark

"Romantic Castle #1"

"Romantic Castle #1" by Davenport (1794-1887) is part of a series found in many color combinations.  Each size has a different center pattern unified by the same border.  This pattern, which is found on a 10.75 inch plate, is printed in three colors under the glaze. 
"Romantic Castle #1 Plate "Romantic Castle #1 mark

"Sporting Scenes"

"Sporting Scenes" printed in underglaze brown by J.F. Wileman (1870-1892)

"Sporting Scenes" Plate

Festoon Border

Festoon Border by Enoch Wood & Sons c. 1818-1846 The border has 6 reserves with 3 different suspension bridges and 3 garden scenes. The center pattern features a large Gothic style building near a body of water. It is found in several different color combinations.

Festoon Border Plate


Shanghai pattern on ironstone printed underglaze in green by W. Adams & Sons, Tunstall, 1834-64. The pattern is also found in flown blue and enamelled with yellow luster

Shanghai Plate