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TRANSFERWARE WORLDWIDE LECTURE SERIES - Overglaze Printing on English Pottery 1750-1800

Creamware Teapot Overglaze Printed

1 PM Eastern USA Time

Title: Overglaze Printing on English Pottery 1750-1800

Lecturer: Robin Emmerson, Freelance Decorative Arts Curator, Shrewsbury, England

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Description: The first printing on pottery was overglaze, and it was another three decades before pottery was printed underglaze. The study of overglaze printing presents a special intellectual challenge because an already glazed pot could have been printed hundreds of miles from where it was made, or in the same factory. The copper plate from which it was printed could also have been engraved somewhere else. Most printed pots do not have the signature of the engraver or printer in the print, but fortunately a few do, and these, together with documentary and archaeological evidence, enable us to trace the spread of the pottery printer’s skill from John Brooks and Henry Delamain at Battersea to Liverpool, Derby, Staffordshire and Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Robin EmmersonOur speaker: Robin Emmerson was Curator of the Decorative Art Department at National Museums Liverpool. Since retirement he was for six years Chair of the Northern Ceramics Society. He was one of the contributors to the TCC and NCS joint online exhibition on British Printed Pottery and Porcelain and wrote the essay on ‘Pottery and the Liverpool Trade’ in S. Robert Teitelman et al., Success to America: Creamware for the American Market (Antique Collectors’ Club, 2010).