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June Feature Books

19th Century Patterson Potters and Pottery19th Century Patterson Potters and Pottery by Anthony Patterson 

Released in 2021, this book presents history and wares manufactured by Patterson and associated potteries in the North East of England between 1821 and 1900.  The book Includes details of pottery and marks never seen in any previous publication, and includes over 120 pictures of pottery. Read more.


 Guide To Mason’s Patent Ironstone Patterns A Guide to Mason’s Patent Ironstone Patterns c1813 to c1848, A Mason’s Collectors’ Club Publication editor Malcolm Lewin

Edited by the Club Chairman, and compiled from Club research over the past 40 years, this new B5 size publication offers a full colour 175 page guide to Ironstone patterns produced by the Mason's factory from c1813 to c1848. Read more.