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True Blue

True Blue
Roberts, Gaye Blake (editor)

For all who own British antique blue-printed pottery, this book is essential reading.

With over 1,000 illustrations (including 12 pages in full colour), each giving full details of maker (where known) and year of manufacture, et cetera, it provides readers with the opportunity to identify their favorite pieces.

In addition, it contains essays by thirteen of the leading authorities on these ceramics, which describe how the wares were made and marketed in all parts of the world, details about each of the manufacturers (including illustrations of the marks used on each item), and information about the patterns used and the sources from which they were derived.

Prepared to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Friends of Blue (the Collector's Club), the book contains information and photographs of 700 of the most rare, beautiful, and unusual items from the collections of the members, many of which have never been published before. Those who missed the exhibition at the Wedgwood Museum, where these were exhibited, need not despair for they are all catalogued and illustrated here.

Copies may be ordered direct from Friends of Blue at . Price £5.00 per copy, plus postage.