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Success to America: Creamware for the American Market

Success to America: Creamware for the American Market
Teitelman, S. Robert, Halfpenny, Patricia A., and Fuchs II, Ronald W.

with essays by Wendell D. Garrett and Robin Emmerson.

Life in the early days of the young republic was still very much tied to England and its resources. All those who could afford to do so ordered their creamware sets of dishes and goods from English potters, who were only too happy to produce and decorate the requested images that memorialized Revolutionary War heroes, newly elected presidents, maritime merchants, and patriotic sentiments. One of the largest collection of such creamware items was amassed by the late S. Robert Teitelman. This publication highlights 50 of the pieces in the S. Robert Teitelman Collection at Winterthur as well as an additional 25 pieces and decorative arts objects from Winterthur collection. Enhanced by essays that address life in the young republic, the Liverpool pottery industry, and the Atlantic maritime trade, the volume features some of the finest examples of the period.
hardcover, 304 pages; 750 color illustrations