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Dishy Animals ABC: An Alphabet Book for Children and Adults

Dishy Animals ABC: An Alphabet Book for Children and Adults
Siddall, Judie

Inexpensive children’s china was made in Britain throughout the 19th century as gifts for good behavior, christening presents, souvenirs, and rewards for excellence in school.  It was inexpensive because the pattern was transfer-printed on the pottery rather than hand-painted.  Of the many hundreds or perhaps even thousands of patterns made,  I have culled patterns that include animals.  Animals on children’s pottery both delight and instruct.  For example, when you look at the first page you’ll see that “A” is the first letter of the alphabet and is represented by the word “Ape”.  Not only is the image amusing, but by extension, the child could be asked “What else begins with the letter “A”? What a lovely way to learn the ABCs!
Judie Siddall has combined her love of children and china to create this book.  She taught in the Palo Alto, California Parent Education Program, PreSchool Family, for 25 years, and has operated Merlin Antiques, specializing in 19th century British transfer printed pottery, for 21 years. She is a founding member of the Transferware Collectors Club, and has served as its president, vice president, and membership chair.

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