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Blue and White Transferware: 1780 to 1840

Blue and White Transferware: 1780 to 1840
Coysh, A. W.

Blue and white transfer-printed earthenware was produced in vast quantities in the early nineteenth century. It was made in the Staffordshire Potteries, and also in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Northumberland and South Wales. After the Napoleonic Wars a large export trade to North America was established. The wares that have survived are now avidly collected on both sides of the Atlantic and some are now exported from Britain as antiques.

This book describes and illustrates over 150 of the relatively few pieces of blue and white transfer ware that do bear the makers' mark. This will help dealers and collectors in their attempts to attribute other specimens. Great stress is also laid on the need to examine all characteristics of the pieces before identifying their makers - colour, glaze, shape, etcetera are fully considered. The captions to the photographs add much detailed information, and a great many new facts about transfer-printed pottery are included. These will greatly assist collectors, and anyone beginning to take an interest in the subject. -- from the book's dustjacket.