arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

Purple Feathers

Purple FeathersPurple Feathers set of 9This is a 6 inch tile with maker unknown. The back of the tile has the raised letters ENGLAND on a grid telling us only that it was produced 1891 or after. This is a very bold pattern in theme and color. No reference has been found; therefore, it has a TCC Assigned Name. It is pattern #19427 in the database.

The pattern is made up of large, curved purple feathers surrounding small motifs. One motif hangs from the top, seemingly upside down with a long, narrow bud surrounded by scrolls. The lower motif is a flower. That flower is recreated by the narrow borders coming together in the grouping seen here of 9 tiles together. The top small flower is a repeat of the flower in the lower part of the center pattern. The grouping could have been too bright and busy to cover a large wall surface, but may have been used as a fireplace surround.