arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

"No. 111" Flower with Dotted Roads

"No. 111" Flower with Dotted Roads"No. 111" Flower with Dotted Roads set of 9Tile, 6 x 6 inches. Maker is Sherwin & Cotton 1877–1911, Hanley, Staffordshire. "No. 111" is printed on the back of the tile. It has been given a descriptive TCC Assigned Name for ease in searching. It is pattern #18585 in the database.

This is a complex pattern with a basic square diamond shape dotted road in the center with round bump-outs. The round arrow-shapes at top and bottom are part of that square diamond and are each filled with a foliated scroll. A small yellow flower aat the very center is surrounded on two sides with two urns with clinging vines. The roads are yellow-colored with dots so it can be seen that the center section is placed on top of the square diamond. More crossed roadways are produced when the group of 9 tiles is put together. The outer sections of foliated scrolls on dotted background form new light-colored large motifs that contrast with the dark pattern on a single tile.