arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

Feathery Leaves and Blooms

Feathery Leaves and BloomsFeathery Leaves and Blooms set of 4

This pattern is attributed to Malkin Edge and Co. through an additional Mark in a Geometrical Shape. 
From Staffordshire c. 1878-1900. It has a TCC Asssigned Name and is pattern #17845 in the database.

This brown-printed pattern is quite complex, and is a good illustration of how It is possible to consider more than one  center pattern on a tile. The lines could have gone outward to the two interlocking squares, forming an 8-point star around the center seen here. In either case the borders are made up of two stems with 4 leaves each and partial daisy-type flowers. The group of 4 tiles is put together as on display in a fireplace surround or wall decoration. We see how this expands the partial motifs of the pattern into complete flowers and joined leaf stems.