arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

Aesthetic Floral with Branches

Aesthetic Floral with BranchesAesthetic Floral with Branches set of 9

The pattern was produced by Sherwin & Cotton c. 1877-1900, and has hand-written Pattern No. 689 on the back of the tile. No reference has been found for the pattern; therefore, it has a TCC Assigned Name. See Pattern #18412 in the database.

The center pattern is found on a square tilted to diamond shape. The blue center flower head has white branches of leaves extending on all four sides on a black background. The border pattern is made up of four triangular shaped corners on a white background. Each display is a single blue flower on a stem with green leaves extending from each side. A grouping of this tile pattern shows a lovely 2nd pattern of four blue flowers pointing inward to form a decorative square backed in white. As you gaze at this grouping of 9 tiles, other motifs will be seen in black as the lines link with the blue flowers.