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Useful Thomas and Ralph Wedgwood – beginning a new appreciation

Halfpenny, Pat

Wedgwood marksThis article was recently published in the English Ceramic Circle's (ECC) Transactions, Volume 31, 2020 and it is made available here with the kind permission of the ECC.

Pat writes, "Many authors have written about Ralph Wedgwood, often dismissing him as a reluctant and inefficient potter – I am one of them. However, with the advent of digital resources that offer access to more original source material and the emergence of an increasing number of superior ceramics with Ralph Wedgwood’s marks, it seems an appropriate time to review his place in ceramic history. This paper is intended to be a starting point for that review and is presented in three main parts. First there is a brief history of Useful Thomas and Ralph Wedgwood, followed by an examination of the volume titled W. & Co Ferrybridge – Shape & Pattern Book, and lastly a discussion of some wares produced by Ralph Wedgwood."

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