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#4 - Aesthetic Movement Transferware Some Things of Beauty (and Utility)

Robbins, Rita

Aesthetic Movement Transferware Some Things of Beauty (and Utility)The Aesthetic Movement patterns are distributed into six sub-categories at this time: Birds, Border Only, Cartouches, Floral, Japanesque and Other. The intent here is to show a few of the unusual patterns in some of those categories. Perhaps it will entice you to look further at this section, which is one of the youngest in the database (patterns generally date between the late 1870’s to the cutoff in this database of 1900). Perhaps because of this “youth”, there have been no definitive books written on the Aesthetic Movement in transferware. This too was a discovery, and has made research more difficult, with a lot of “Maker unknowns” and “TCC Assigned Names” in the entries.

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