Chalees Satoon #2 pattern

Chalees Satoon #2 patternThis month’s free online puzzle features an earthenware Dutch shape jug printed in underglaze blue with the Chalees Satoon #2 pattern. The Chalees Satoon was a forty-pillared pleasure pavilion attached to the palace of the Emperor Akbar in the Fort of Allahabad in India. A grayscale reproduction of the source print by the Daniells (1795 – 1808) for the pavilion appears behind overlaid images of both sides of the same jug. 

This pattern varies from “Chalees Satoon #1” in that it has an additional mosque-like building placed on each side of the central building. Like most India scene patterns, it includes other minor elements drawn from several other Daniell prints. In the TCC Pattern Database, it is # 598.

A comprehensive printed resource on this and many additional views of India on transferware, authored by TCC member Michael Sack, is available for purchase through the TCC website: “India on Transferware: A compendium of Indian Scenes on Transferware Together with Their Source Prints”