arrangement of items colored and blue transferware

The TCC Bulletin

24 TCC XXV No1 cover

Current Bulletin

24 TCC XXV No1

Transferware from the Thames by Richard Hemery

Inverted Backstamps Lead to Monumental Discovery by Dr. Jewell Lorenz Dunn

An Unrecorded Series of British Views by Dick Henrywood

Book Review: Historical Guide to Advertising Pot Lids,
Update Including a Guide to Beauty Pots by R.J. Houghton, J. Layden, P. Taylor Reviewed by David Hoexter

An Unexpected Addition to “Places Lived” by Colin and Patricia Knight

Cork, Edge & Malkin’s “Lion” pattern: from Britain via Russia to Iran by Jaap Otte

My “Cousin” Sir Robert Peel by Len Kling

“Backwards” Patterns by Dr. Richard Halliday

Interview with TCC Member: Dr. Richard Halliday

Recent Bulletins

2023 XXIV No. 2 cover
2023 XXIV No. 2

Identification and Attribution of the Greek Myth Series

Blue Transferwares and Places We Have Lived

Two Unpublished American-Themed Patterns by Enoch Wood & Sons

Pink Lustre and the Green Splash

Book Review: Adams, Britain’s Oldest Potting Dynasty by Philip Nanney Williams

Russia and an Invasion

The Polar Bear on Transferware

Mugs for Hard Cider

Badge Ware 

Crowden & Garrod: An Unusual Transferware Advertising Plaque

Review of Transferware Recorders #05 and #06

The Norma Virium – Transferware That Never Was

Interview with TCC Members: Ed Rigoulot and Ted Brockey

2023 XXIV No. 1 cover
2023 XXIV No. 1

The Porcelains of Thomas Wolfe at Stoke upon Trent

Neptune Pattern

Another Welsh Commemorative but not Cambrian Pottery, Swansea

A Commemorative Plate with Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz

Transferware: The Greatest Hits

The Case Of The Domed Bowl Heather

Did Sir John Franklin Eat From These Plates? 
Transferware and Other Ceramics Recovered from the Wreck of H.M.S. Erebus 

Some Bat Printed Landscapes 

Shorthose, The Death of Nelson Collection

A Missed Opportunity

Interview with TCC Member: Jewell Lorenz Dunn

22_TCC_XXIII_No2 cover
2022 XXIII No. 2

Remembering Connie Rogers

Yes – Transfer-printed Tiles are in the Database

Our Love of the Royals and Other Dignitaries on Pottery

Rathbone Earthenware and the “Pekin” Pattern

Utilization Testing of a TCC Logo Mug in a
Standard Household Microwave Oven

Bathed in Color: Aesthetic Wash Sets with Applied Decoration

Pountneys, Bristol: A Case Study of Transfer
 Printed Earthenware in India

Have You Seen These Workers’ Marks on John Meir Pieces?

Treaty of Amiens

Interview with TCC Members: Margaret and Mel Blachford

2022 XXIII No. 1 cover
2022 XXIII No. 1

Thomas the Rhymer Teapot - A Favorite Piece

Following On From Two Previous Articles

An Aesthetic Mystery

“Northampton Mass” by Enoch Wood & Sons: 
A Design Source Discovery

Ralph Wedgwood for the American Market

Swansea Pottery Double-boxed Tea Caddies

Transfer Scenes with Spatterware or Spongeware Edging

Interview with TCC Member: Susan Ferguson