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Historical Guide to Advertising Pot Lids

Historical Guide to Advertising Pot Lids
Houghton, R. J., Layden, J., and Taylor, P.

Advertising pot lids can be found from many countries particularly English-speaking nations and are collected by a dedicated group of enthusiasts across the world. These fascinating transfer-printed ceramic containers often feature inventive designs as well as details of the individuals and companies that sold them. They were used to retail commodities such as tooth paste, cold cream, food pastes, hair preparations, ointments & salves, and a range of other products. The vast majority were originally thrown away after a single use and have been re-discovered over the past 50 years or so from the excavation of former rubbish tips.

It has taken 11 years to compile this book, which is the result of contributions from hundreds of collectors from around the globe. It aims to catalogue, as far as possible, all UK and Irish advertising pot lids that were used broadly between 1830 and 1930, as well as providing a brief overview of examples that were used in other countries.

This guide records over 8,500 different examples, features over 7,500 images and provides trading details on over 600 businesses that used them. It is the authors’ intention to continue cataloguing examples not featured and publish a supplement to this book when feasible.

Printing supported by a TCC Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Research Program grant.

Standard - £120 (hard-cover but very limited availability; priority to contributors); £70 soft-cover.

TCC Members - £100 (hard-cover) and £60 (soft-cover)

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